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VR Bangers


VRBangers.com Review – Highly Recommended Selection

While it’s important never to be swayed by looks, VRBangers.com actually lives up to the hype and quality that it advertises. With the advent of virtual reality headsets and technology, there has been an influx of sites offering VR related media and by and large a significant portion of them tend to fall short in both quality and expectation.

A lot of time this has to do with the production quality and money available to make a virtual reality movie since it is significantly more than normal videos. A staple of lower quality sites has always been a lack of films, a lack of models, and a seeming lack of experience, which is what makes VRBangers the black-sheep in the crowd.

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VR Bangers
VRbangers has extreme hot girls, many group sex videos with at least 2 girls just for you, often more. They make very professional vr movies – technically and concerning the actresses
8.5 Total Score
Experts for Groups, Super Hot Babes, Great Style

VRbangers has extreme hot girls, many group sex videos with at least 2 girls just for you, often more. They make very professional vr movies – technically and concerning the actresses

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At the moment they actually have quite a few different videos, nearly five pages (at the time of writing this article) worth, and they have a varying degree of different experiences all depending on the actual model involved – and in this, they’re a bit unique; each model has their own personality, and it comes through across in the videos much more than in other sites.

The extremely perky Dillion Harper – both personality wise and in respect to those gorgeous pink nipples – is outgoing but at the same time has a wild and naughty streak to her that she’s eager to rope you into with her experimentation.


Enjoy a threesome with 2 beauties whenever you need it

On the other hand if you’re more into a classy debonair Farah Fawcett type than Marie McCray is your go to girl in the sack, while those with a fetish for the exotic and big busted could just as easily with the luscious lipped Jasmine Jae. If you like it more rough, check out vrdomination.net.

Another thing that we found unique about VRBangers.com is that a lot of their models tend to overlap across videos – for example, the “Valentine’s Day Surprise” set features almost a whole troupe as they parade in and begin sucking you off while pleasuring each other, all of it swelling to a prime cum shot on all their smiling faces.


You’ll never have a hotter group of girls at the same time!

But what really sells their site is the selective download for their videos – each video can be downloaded specifically for the Oculus Rift (the highest quality), the Samsung Gear VR, or the Google Cardboard, meaning that you’re getting the best fit for your specific headset. Additionally they also have a neat element that allows you to watch the videos online, both as a VR or as a non-VR (and the trailer is free!).


Enjoy the most exciting sex with a group of chicks all for you

The only real downside, and it’s an expected one that comes with the territory, is that their prices are also slightly elevated and higher than average. A month’s subscription will put you back $14.99, while a bigger subscription of a year will equal out to $8.33 a month. VR sex extreme is what you get!

As a result, this site is definitely for those who probably have a higher or upper end headset like the Oculus Rift, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth – on the upside though they have a very current and up to date site, and are one of the few VR sites that seem committed to uploading new content and videos of the girls on a regular basis. Just in terms of quality, they have a very solid 8.5 out of 10 in our books.

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VR Bangers
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