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VixenVR.com Review – Great Deals And Hot Girls

in-the-bathtub-with-vr-gamer-girl-kateriAlthough it might fly under the radar of some other premiere virtual reality sites, it’s a real shame since VixenVR.com is at least on par with some of the top VR producers if not exceeding them in terms of overall value and content. Get your taste buds tantalized with “CJ Sparxx Getting Dolled Up In The Bathroom” as she undresses and teases in a flirtatious red thong and bra before bending double and taking it all the way up her sweet pussy.

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Vixen VR
Vixen don't already have that much videos as others. But the credit payment system enables to keep track of your money and let's you download selectively.
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Vixen don't already have that much videos as others. But the credit payment system enables to keep track of your money and let's you download selectively.

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There are some pretty exceptional models, and they make recurring appearances which is probably what makes VixenVR.com just as appealing, especially to those who sign up for a membership – not only do you get familiar with the same model across sets, but they are constantly updating their archive so there’s always lots to look forward to.


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Additionally, all the models tend to have a theme that goes along with them. For instance, “Kateri Gets Wet In The Shower” is just one of several featuring the pursed expression and perky tits of Kateri in various bathroom scenes, and with a glistening body like hers it’s definitely worth the download.

The one issue we found was that they don’t have that many models, which may be why the models they do have make a recurring appearance. There’s also a limited number of videos (only two pages worth at the time of writing this review) which may just be testament to the fact they’re a relatively new and up-and-coming VR site for shemale lovery.

However, though the quality of their videos that we saw were excellent – including a full 360 stereoscopic vision on some of them and binaural sound – they do tend to be on the short side, coming in around 5 minutes on average.


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Still, what VixenVR.com may lack in actual content they make up for in other elements. On their site they not only have several VR games that are compatible with the primary VR headsets, but they also blog and news channel that can keep you updated with new additions to their archive as well as special events that may be upcoming, such as the 2016 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. They have awesome content but if you are more into fetish virtual reality sex, check out VRSUBMISSIVE.

We also admired their price range which was well within what you would expect; however, unlike many sites which offer a one-off price or a monthly subscription, VixenVR.com functions on a credit basis which is much more ideal for those wanting to keep track of their money or those who are selective about what they download.


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Each video can be downloaded according to a certain number of credits – for example, 4 credits for a 5 minute video – and credits can be bought in increments of anywhere from 4 to 200 ($2.95 and $50, respectively). Plus, with a transaction of $50 or more they have an offer where they’ll kick in a free VixenVR.com Google Cardboard headset.

It’s hard to argue with free stuff. In general, VixenVR.com is a very good budget virtual reality site with a lot of different features and an excellent mid-range choice for both connoisseurs of the technology and amateurs alike. 7.9 out of 10.

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