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Czech VR


CzechVR.com Review – Top Member Of Mental Pass Network

CzechVR.com has been one of our favorite sites for a long time, and this owes to a numb of factors that have set it apart from other virtual reality producers and websites. At its core, this has a lot to do with the fact that they are part of an adult entertainment network, which means their affiliation to other pornography sites grants them a lot of exposure, but also consequently helps to cut down on overhead costs and gives them the opportunity to create some raunchy and exotic sets. They have very natural looking girls but no LiveCamsVR yet.

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Czech VR
Czech VR has a special appeal of an amateur like atmosphere. Sex with pretty natural girls from Eastern Europe in kind of "normal" rooms
8 Total Score
Amateur Style with Hot East European Girls - Many Blondes

Czech VR has a special appeal of an amateur like atmosphere. Sex with pretty natural girls from Eastern Europe in kind of "normal" rooms

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As part of Mental Pass Network, it also means that they are able to offer pretty high quality VR videos in tangent with one of the better deals out there – signing up with Mental Pass for 30, 90, or 180 days comes in at about $24.95 up to $84.95, but it gives you access to *all* of their sites, of which CzechVR.com is only one.


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As a result, they have the BEST value deal of other VR sites, something that has attracted a number of returning and loyal patrons. We were also really thrilled to see that they were up there in terms of a handful of VR sites that have an extensive and diverse archive of sexual appetites. With nearly 4 pages to choose from, there’s everything from lesbian 69 sets with Vinna Reed and Natalie Cherrie plumbing each other with dildos, to the big-titted blonde Lilith Lee squeezing herself onto a dick missionary style. If you want hot exotic European ladies that really know how to get off a man, it should come as no surprise then why CzechVR.com has done so well for itself.

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From a technical standpoint, they’ve also got their format down pat. With three separate downloads of their media depending on headset – Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard – members can easily find the most compatible video. And the download sizes definitely agree with the quality, with the Oculus Rift’s videos coming in at sometimes over 4 gigabytes. The quality of the videos is also exceptional and we’ve found no issues with blurring or lags at all, testament to the high production quality that gives girls like Lilith Lee a sublime realism.


Get a blowjob by a beautiful Czech girl anytime

It’s hard to find much to complain about with CzechVR.com, though if we had to choose it would probably be the medium length videos they produce. It’s a great balance between quality and length, but it almost feels like they could afford a few extra minutes on a lot of the sets that come in at an average of 10 minutes or so. If you like them longer, you can check out vrsexchat3d.com/.

Their updates are also a bit sporadic, although it looks like they’re trying to put up at least two a month, which would be well above average for most other VR sites. On the plus side, more than any other VR site they seem to have an almost universal compatibility with other VR headsets such as the VR Box, Glyby, and Noon VR (as well as useful links to sites where you can purchase them if you’re so compelled). Overall, CzechVR.com maintains its solid 9 out 10.

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Hot girls from Czech, realistic natural atmospheres

from $14.15/m

Czech VR